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Fonds marins / Seafloor

Seafloor maps

The seafloor maps cannot be considered as geological maps in the strict sense of the term, i.e. representing the nature of the surface and subsurface formations, because most of the seafloor would show only Pliocene-Quaternary sediments. CGMW seafloor maps comprise two sheets: one showing the Physiography, with the bathymetry, the seafloor and land relief, the recent volcanoes and the meteorite impact craters; the other being a Structural Map which notably depicts: a simplified map of the surrounding onshore geology, the age of the oceanic crust deduced from the identification of the Earth's magnetic field anomalies; the magnetic anomalies plotted at the location where they have been measured and identied, the oceanic accretion axes, the transform faults and fracture zones, the anomalous submarine relief, and the subduction zones that model the seafloor; the onshore and offshore earthquakes and the major fracture zone affecting the oceanic crust.