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Atlas Tethys

14 Maps (2 sheets for each time-slice from Aptian upwards, i.e. a total of 21 printed sheets)
1 volume of EXPLANATORY NOTES which explicits the 14 major sections
The 14 folded maps of this Atlas and its Explanatory Notes are contained in a handy book file (weight 3.6 kg.).
Published in 1993

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Enveloppe (ex: folded map or booklet)

60,00 €

This reference work pictures a revised kinematic reconstruction of the Tethyan plates and microplates from the mid-Permian times to the late Miocene, spanning some 260 millions years, with a paleolatitudes grid drawn on each map.

The main highlights of this documents are :
-  An updated pre-breakup map of the Pangea
- The geodynamic setting: spreading axis, subduction zones, island arcs, continental paleopositions ...
- The environmental characteristics (15 types) covering deep ocean, platforms, subserial areas
- The facies (18 categories) which are figured, when appropriate (field or bore-hole data), as superimposed patterns. As a result, facts are clearly separated from hypotheses. Economic mineral are also indicated (coal, phosphate, bauxite, gold).

This document is the product of the coordinated efforts of 120 academic geologists from a number of countries and institutes. Field researches and correlative analyses have been specially carried out on crucial areas (Guatemala, Venezuela, Morocco, Tunisia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Caucasus, Georgia, Thailand and Indonesia); British Petroleum, Elf Aquitaine, Total, Shell, the Institut Français du Pétrole, IFREMER, the French Geological Survey (BRGM), the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris) sponsored this five-year programme.

The editors :
Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris). Member of the French Academy of Sciences, Past Vice-President of Academia Europea, Past President of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World. Born in 1935; field geologist with experience in Eastern Mediterranean and Western Canada. Involved in paleogeography since 1970.

Dr. Luc-Emmanuel RICOU
Director of research in the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) at the Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris). Editor of Geodynamica Acta (Masson, Paris). Born in 1938; field geologist; his research concentrates on tectonics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Researcher at the CNRS and Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris). Born in 1951; field geologist and paleontologist, specialist in conodonts. Has been involved in paleontologic, stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental digitalization programmes since 1987.

Please note that although the default shipping mode is "tube - rolled",  the set of maps are sent folded in a book file.

  • Length 32 cm
  • Width 23 cm
  • Depth 8 cm
  • Weight 3,600 kg
  • Scale 1:20 000 000