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Structural and kinematic map of the World - PDF

Published in 2006 with UNESCO support
Equatorial scale: 1: 50 000 000
© CCGM / UNESCO 2006
Main compiler: Dr. A. Haghipour

Digital version in high resolution pdf format, sent through a download link.

This map is subjected to an agreement license that has to be signed before reception. 

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Note : This map is subjected to an agreement license, available under the “Downloads” tab, that has to be signed and returned at the address before reception.

A digital access to the dataset of the Seismotectonic Map of the World published in 2001.

This map was designed to disseminate knowledge of the Earth’s plates mobility in the context of the Year of Planet Earth.

Using the data of the Seismotectonic Map of the World (CGMW map printed in 2001), 11 files in pdf format show the different levels of information of the map. The design of the kinematic data of the seismotectonic map was reworked in order to get a better legibility of the arrows indicating the relative motion of the plates, namely along the zones of oceanic rifting.

This version of the map provides easy access to the graphic data of each level of information allowing the possibility to obtain high resolutions images when zooming on the zones of interest. The access to the data doesn’t require any GIS software. All files are readable using Adobe Acrobat Reader ©.

The 11 files include :

  1. References
  2. Sources of data
  3. Continental geo-structural units
  4. Oceanic crust ages
  5. Horizontal stress
  6. Earthquakes
  7. Subductions zones and faults
  8. Kinematics
  9. Main tectonically /neotectonicaly active belts/zones

10. Legend
11. Structural and kinematic map

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