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Magnetic and Gravimetric Anomaly Maps of the Arctic

Scale 1:15 000 000
Projection: Polar stereographic
Dimensions: 126 x 58 cm
CGMW ©2010
Authors: Carmen GAINA, Stephanie C. WERNER, Mioara MANDEA and the CAMP-GM group
Published with the support of the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

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This new document is part of the new series of geophysical maps of the CGMW, and displays side by side the maps of the magnetic and gravimetric anomalies of the Arctic bounded by the 60° N latitude. This double map is the result of a close international cooperation gathering research organisations of Russia, Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and France. The publication of this work benefited from a substantial financial support from the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU).

The magnetic map shows the clear contrast between the continental areas, the Cenozoic oceanic accretionary zones generated by the Gakkel mid-oceanic ridge, and also displays the structural complexity of the Canada basin. This map is much more detailed than that of the arctic area — edited at a smaller scale — of the Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World published in 2007.

The gravimetric map corresponds to the Bouguer anomalies for the continental areas, and Free Air anomalies for the marine areas. The major interest of this document comes from the juxtaposition of these two maps that evidences the complementarity of the data provided by both geophysic methods that allows to infer a number of conclusions concerning the structure of the lithosphere of this key region of our planet.

  • Length 58 cm
  • Width 126 cm
  • Weight 0.100 kg
  • Scale 1:15 000 000