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International Metallogenic Map of Africa

Published in 2002
Scale 1:5 000 000
Wall map, 4 Sheets, including the Legend
Overall size when mounted 172 cm x 222 cm., covering the African continent, Madagascar and other islands, parts of the Arabian Peninsular, and parts of southern Europe
Transverse Mercator Projection
Dual French/ English Legend
A CGMW / Council for Geoscience co-publication

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A major objective has been achieved with the publication of the International Metallogenic Map of Africa, produced by the Council for Geoscience, South Africa, under the auspices of the CGMW. The map supersedes an earlier version of the International Mineral Deposit Map of Africa (Sheet 1), produced in 1991. The geological background is based on the International Geological Map of Africa, 1:5 000 000, 1985-1990, up-dated where applicable. Mineral deposit data (location, name of the more important deposits, commodities present, status, shape or type of deposit, orientation, and size) are portrayed against a background depicting the chronostratigraphic succession of sedimentary and volcanic sequences and intrusive magmatic bodies, the geotectonic setting of orogenic domains, or genetic host rock environment, and distinguishing the lithology of magmatic and metamorphic rocks. Mineral deposits are numbered and referenced according to a 5° latitude x 5° longitude grid.

The map was compiled in GIS format and a separate comprehensive, interactive, searchable digital version on CD-ROM. To order this digital version contact the Council for Geoscience at:

General coordinator: ECI Hammerbeck (deceased on April 2006), President of the CGMW Subcommission for Metallogenic Maps until August 2004.

Main compilers: Mrs. M. Veselinovic-Williams and S. Frost-Killian, Council for Geoscience, South Africa, assisted by numerous collaborators and editors from various African Geological Surveys and Universities.

  • Length 216 cm
  • Width 177.5 cm
  • Weight 0.530 kg
  • Scale 1:5 000 000