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Metallogenic Map of Europe

Published in 1997 (released in 1998)
Scale 1/10 000 000
1 sheet supplied with a CD containing the database
Bilingual: English/French
Size: 96 cm x 60 cm
Main author: Prof. Gunnar Juve (NGU-Norway)
CGMW-Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) co-edition.

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This is the first published sheet of a series entitled Mineral Atlas of the World that follows the same map assemblage pattern as the Geological Atlas of the World.

This sheet covers the area comprised between the Atlantic Ocean to the the Urals, the Near East and part of North Africa included, depicts mineral deposits of about 50 countries, and identifies 760 mineral deposits, a list of which is given on the left side of the map.

Particularly valuable for geological, prospecting and mining professionals, this map can be also of interest for decision-makers and a wider audience concerned by mineral resources management.

This CD contains the digital version of the same map produced by NGU with financial support from CGMW and UNESCO. The Mineral Atlas is published as an ESRI published map file (pmf-file), which makes the atlas automatically accessible through included ArcReader free software. This light version of a GIS software gives the user the possibility to zoom in and out with access to different layers, identifying feature information and printing layouts. Base map data are obtained from the dataset Digital Map of the World from ESRI.This CD also contains all the necessary data sets to reconstruct the printed version of the map sheet by other GIS software, which reads ArcInfo coverage, shapefiles and dxf-files. It also gives geographical access to the Mineral Atlas database containing detailed table information of each deposit as previously published printed version of Lists and Mineral deposits. In addition an ESRI ArcMap document file (mxd-file) is included for ESRI ArcGIS software users.

File contents:
artographic names.dxf

- Name of the deposits
- Names from the base map
- Name of capitals
- Poinot depsit table Info
- Deposit layout symbols
- Capital symbols
- Thematic Lines from base map
- Grid in Lambert projection
- Geological domains
- Water Layer (polygons)
- ESRI ArcMap project document file
- ArcPublisher Map file
- Access Mineral atlas database file

For further information contact:
Per Ryghaug,
Geological Survey of Norway
Section Leader Geographical Information Systems Section
N-7491 Trondheim, NORWAY

Tlf: +47 73 90 40 00
Fax: +47 73 92 16 20
E-Mail :

  • Length 96 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Weight 0.135