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Tectonic Map of Antarctica

Published in July 2012
Scale: 1:10 000 000
Dimension : 125 x 84 cm
Polar stereographic projection centered on the South Pole, with a latitude of true scale at 71°S
Authors : Garrik Grikurov et German Leychenkov (CGMW-VNIIOkeangeologia, St Petersbourg)

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In response to IPY 2007-2009 science initiatives, CGMW endorsed in 2007 compilation of tectonic maps of the Earth’s Polar Regions. The I.S. Gramberg Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean (VNIIOkeangeologia, St. Petersburg, Russia) was entrusted with preparation of the Antarctic sheet, 1:10 M, covering the area south of 60° S. The first draft of new Tectonic Map of the Antarctic was accomplished in 2011 and subsequently upgraded in accordance with editorial remarks by CGMW experts and suggestions of external reviewers and finally printed in France to be presented at the 34 International Geological Congress (Brisbane, August 2012).

The new map summarizes the historical knowledge of geological structure of the Antarctic continent, the findings of modern state-of-the-art isotopic and geochemical studies, and the results of recently obtained marine and airborne geophysical data. For the first time the tectonic structure of Antarctic mainland and Circum-Antarctic offshore were combined in one map, enabling significant refinement of earlier tectonic views and enhanced vision of geodynamic history of the whole Antarctic region.

In keeping with other tectonic maps overseen by CGMW, the legend layout provides for parallel categorization of mapped units and structural features in terms of their continental vs. oceanic nature, age and geodynamic setting of formation. The vast ice-covered interior of East Antarctica is only characterized on the map by bedrock topography, while the inferred structural interpretation of this terrain is presented in a small-scale tectonic overview of the entire Antarctic area. An inset of the physiography of this polar region completes le information provided in the main map.

  • Length 84 cm
  • Width 125 cm
  • Weight 0.145 kg
  • Scale 1:10 000 000