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Geological Map of land and sea areas of Northern Europe

Scale 1:4 000 000
1 sheet, 140 cm x 100 cm
Published in 2002 by the Geological Survey of Norway
Norwegian and English version. Explanatory Notes included
© NGU, 2002
Author: Dr. Ellen M.O. Sigmond (NGU)

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The Geological Survey of Norway in cooperation with the Geological Surveys of 22 other countries, carried out a pre-Quaternary bedrock map of northern Europe at the 1:4 million scale.

For the first time until 2002, the geology of both land and sea areas is presented for this large region. The area covered extends from East Greenland to Novaya Semlya in longitude, and from Svalbard to the northern coast of France in latitude, including the western parts of the Russian Platform.

The participating countries are: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and White Russia.

The geology includes rocks of all ages from Archaean gneisses to recent basalts extruding along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Quaternary sediments, however, are excluded. In addition to the bedrock geology, the map shows fault zones, escarpments, spreading axes, magnetic reversals, and the boundary between continental and oceanic crust. Fourteen cross-sections have been drawn across the map area, and sections through all the deep-sea drilling sites in the ocean areas are presented.

A Norwegian and English versions of the map were published and since 2003 the map is also available in digital format at the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU):

The funding was provided by the Geological Survey of Norway and the following oil companies: Amerada Hess Norge A/S, Mobil Exploration Norway Inc, Norsk Agip A/S, Norsk Hydro ASA, Phillips Petroleum Company Norway, Saga Petroleum a.s. (now Norsk Hydro ASA) and Statoil ASA.

  • Length 140 cm
  • Width 100 cm
  • Weight 0.160 kg.
  • Scale 1:4 000 000