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Maps of the World Environments during the Last Two Climatic Extremes (CLIMEX)

Second edition, scale at 1:50 000 000
A set of 2 sheets, size of the maps : 103,5 cm x 54 cm.
1- The Last Glacial Maximum (ca 18000 ± 2000 years B.P.)
2- Holocene Optimum (ca 8000 ± 1000 years B.P.)
A CGMW / ANDRA co-publication
Authors: Nicole Petit-Maire & Philippe Bouysse, et coll.

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The time slices considered in these two maps correspond to average temperatures of the surface of the Earth 4.5 ° C lower and 2° C higher than nowadays, respectively.

This first global environmental reconstruction ever undertaken using actual past geological data from late Quaternary provides a sound basis of reflection as regards the very topical debate on the effects of global warming induced by an the anthropic greenhouse effect. This cartographic synthesis corresponding to the real situation of past scenarios shall allow useful comparisons with the theoretical results from current modelisations.

These maps were carried out thanks to the co-operation of specialists of Quaternary geology from all the continents, under the co-ordination of Drs. N. Petit-Maire (CNRS-Aix en Provence) and Ph. Bouysse (CGMW).

Explanatory notes to download here.

  • Length 54 cm
  • Width 103.5 cm
  • Weight 0.140 kg
  • Scale 1:50 000 000