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Tectonic Map of South America (2021) - PDF

2nd edition, 2016
Scale: 1/5 900 000
Polyconic projection
105 x 140 cm
Authors:  Umberto G Cordani, University of São Paulo, Brazil, Victor A Ramos, University Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lêda M Fraga, Inácio Delgado, Kaiser G de Souza, Francisco EM Gomes et Carlos Schobbenhaus du CPRM – Geological Survey of Brazil, and Marcelo Cegarra, SEGEMAR – Geological and Mining Survey of Argentine

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The decision to prepare a second edition of the Tectonic Map of South America under the aegis of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW), at 1:5M scale,in digital format, using GIS technology, was approved by the General Assembly of the Commission held in Paris in 2002. The work started in 2004. The presentation of the new map, updated by recent geological mapping and with new geochronological data, was possible through the technical and financial support received from the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) and the Geological and Mining Survey of Argentina (SEGEMAR). CPRM made the final integration of the GIS database in 2015and, following the recommendation of CGMW, the final version of the map was evaluated and submitted to a peer review process. Finally a consolidated tectonic map was prepared, simplified and harmonized for printing at the scale of 1: 5.9 M.

The South American tectonic plate is formed by half of the South Atlantic oceanic lithosphere and the South American continental lithosphere which can be divided into two major features: the Andean tectonic domain, and the South American Platform domain.  In order to ensure a good legibilite of the map, a unified legend for the South American Platform and the Andean region was adopted after several discussions. Three essential attributes were developed to allow the application of that legend and were added to the new integrated GIS database: (1) age of the last tectonic event that affected the area, represented by different colors; (2) nature of the tectonic environment, figured by a set of 33 patterns; and (3) age of formation of the rocks, indicated by the colors of the patterns. The attributes of about 80,000 individual polygons were included in the final database. A specific legend integrated the data from offshore areas including crustal ages, plate boundaries, axes of ancient accretionary ridges and other features.

The maps includes an inset of the main tectonic elements of South America that clearly shows the separation of the Andean orogenic belt and the South American platform. In between both geotectonic realms, a very large area with Cenozoic cover corresponds to the foreland sedimentary basins related to the Andean tectonics. Plate boundaries and other features of the oceanic domains are also shown in the inset,  combined with a small sketch showing the tectonic correlation of South America and Africa in a West Gondwana reconstruction.

The authors produced an abridged Explanatory Note (in English only), downloadable here. They present the main tectonic elements of South America, a detailed explanation of the elemements of the legend and a brief account on the tectonic evolution of the South-american continent..

This map embodies the successful cooperation of scientists from all countries of South America and constitutes a tool of first order for the understanding and teaching of the main stages of the tectonic evolution and present characteristics of the continent.

Available as from September 7, 2016