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    Geoscientific Mapping of the Ocean Realm (GeoMore)

Data and information on the Ocean floor is scattered, distributed, often not accessible, seldom compatible and often only useable for insiders. The UN Decade Ocean Science started just now (2021 - 2030) and the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 14 to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development is in force since 2015. GEOMORE aims to support both and promote the use of marine data for science and society and to foster cross-disciplinarily work and projects in marine sciences.

 This website is set up together by the CGMW Seafloor Subcommission and the IUGS. It aims to help to support these UN goals and herewith practically help scientists to do their work through making sources and links available through a central hub of GEOMORE.

 In a first step we compile and offer links to available off-shore data from geological, geophysical, geochemical and geobiological investigations/mapping campaigns (raw, interpreted).

 In a second step links to existing classifications, nomenclatures and standards (oceanic features, sample acquisition, analysis etc) needed to describe mapped feature map the ocean floor will be made available here.

 In a third step links to other information systems/hubs such as OBIS (Ocean Biological Information System, IOC) , EPOS and the work of  CGI and DDE) will be provided.

 Last but not least, we invite you to help us to make marine geoscience data accessible and welcome your references to data source to regional, national or international marine geoscience data.


Members of the project: