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Faces of the Alps

Booklet 'Faces of the Alps: Structure and geodynamic evolution'
48 pages - 58 maps and cross-sections
(pamphlet + CD-ROM)
CCGM©, 2005
Authors: P. Agard & M. Lemoine (Lab. de Tectonique de l'Université Paris VI)

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The Alps, the cradle of the science of tectonics, is a dedicated example of a subduction/collision orogen and a selected place for field trips for both students and researchers. Hence the need for a revised albeit simple view of Alpine geodynamics for undergraduate students and high school teachers.

The reader familiar with recent textbooks on the Alpine geology will probably find this pamphlet simplistic. Conversely, geological data gathered over more than a hundred and fifty years can hardly be condensed into a few brief chapters.

The aim of this publication is to provide teachers and students with enough simple teaching material (without betraying the facts) so as to be able to understand the basic geodynamic features and the major steps leading to the formation of one of the must studied mountain ranges of the world. It is important to note that though Central and Eastern Alps are briefly treated, a more complete material is provided on the Western French-Italian Alps. Therefore, their genesis from a paleo-ocean and the geodynamic evolution of this area are particularly detailed and illustrated.

This English version translated from the French original text will benefit students and colleagues throughout Europe and beyond, especially those with whom we share this imposing mountain chain.

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