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The Changing Faces of the Earth's Magnetic Field

The changing faces of the Earth's Magnetic Field. A glance at the magnetic lithospheric field, from local and regional scales to a planetary view
48 p., 37 figures and glossary+ 1CD-Rom avec les fichiers jpg des figures, et pdf du livret
CCCM© 2007

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The double aim of this publication is to provide the general public with a clear and concise description of the Earth's magnetic field and students with an educational tool for their studies in geosciences. Although this book is basically focused on the lithospheric magnetic field, it is nonetheless necessary to consider the Earth's magnetic field as a whole. The information provided here is based on the very latest observations, models and interpretations of the Earth's magnetic field.

"The changing faces of the Earth's magnetic field", with its 37 figures and glossary, will help the reader to better understand the nature and functioning of the Earth's magnetic field, and the implication of this knowledge for the field of natural hazard.

Mioara Mandea, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ), Potsdam, Germany.
Erwan Thébault, Institut de Physique du Globe de
Paris (IPGP), Paris, France

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