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The Changing Faces of the Arctic (CD-ROM only)

A glance at the top of the World from a magnetic and gravity view
Booklet of 42 pages, 25 figures and glossary
CD-Rom containing jpg files of the figures included in the booklet
Original written in English
CCCM© 2012
Authors: Mioara Mandea (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, Paris) and Carmen Gaina (Physics of Geological Processes CoE and Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway)

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The aim of this publication is to provide an easily understanding of the Arctic structure obtained from geophysical data. This work is mainly addressed to a broad public audience, which may also be used as a guide for high school and undergraduate teachers in countries neighbouring the Northern Polar regions and beyond. While minding to provide information consistent with the current status of scientific research, it must be noted that many aspects of geophysics are still being actively explored and will undoubtedly change in the coming years.

As we recognize the inherent difficulty of describing such a complex area in a highly simplified form that still remains satisfying to both familiar and unfamiliar readers, it is expected that geophysicists will probably find the writing simplistic. Apologies are due to them for the oversimplifications and potential mistakes although we hope that presenting the Arctic region in a more educational and simplified manner will be useful for them and/or their students.

A careful selection of illustration is included in order to clarify the concepts for the reader. A glossary of specific terms pertaining to the Arctic, noted in the text by stars, is included at the end of the book.

The following institutions supported this publication:
UNESCO, CNES-French National Center for Spatial Research (France), Université de Versailles St-Quentin en Yvelines, France, University of Oslo, Geological Survey of Norway(NGU)

This publication is available only in pdf version.

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