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Mediterranean Basin Water Atlas

Booklet 48 pages
Published by UNESCO, CGMW and the Plan Bleu en 2004
© UNESCO / CCGM 2004
Author : Jean Margat

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All throughout ages, water, a primordial element of nature, has been a ferment of civilisation in the Mediterranean World and a factor of vital importance for humankind. Water is thus a first choice subject of study in geosciences and human geography.

The set of synthetic maps presented in this book proposes a series of panoramic views accompanied by short comments of the geography of the Mediterranean water, more particularly focused on the Mediterranean basin from the point of view of hydrography (that is to say the entirety of fluvial basins tributary of the Mediterranean). They describe the main changing physical and economic variables expressed by different indicators and divided in four sections:

  • Water in the Mediterranean environment, from sky to underground
  • ­Water resources in the Mediterranean area by country and per capita
  • Current use of water by the Mediterranean population
  • The impact of the Mediterranean population on water resources.

These maps were designed and carried out by the "Plan Bleau pour l'environnement et le développement en Méditerranée" (Blue Plan for the environment and the development in the Mediterranean area), a body of the "Plan d'Action pour la Méditerranée" (Action plan for the Mediterranean area), in order to illustrate the publication of case studies on the situation and water related problems in the Mediterranean countries, more particularly "L'eau des Méditerranéens, situations et perspectives" by J. Margat (2003).

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