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StratTime - Intelligent Stratigraphic Converter

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Whoever has never spent time to find the correlation of a local stage or a present day invalid stage with a stage of the Geological Time Scale does not need ISC. This tool is designed to establish easy and rapid correlations between stratigraphic terms.

ISC was developed for the Peri-Tethys, the MEBE and the DARIUS scientific programmes. The final objective of these programmes was to establish a synthesis of the tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of the major sedimentary basins of a vast domain. This domain extends from Atlantic Ocean to Pamir massif on both sides of Alpine belt issued from Tethys Ocean. Besides the newest data collected during field works carried in the framework of the programmes, the literature offers a very rich dataset. The compilation of the published papers led to identify more than 1200 stratigraphic subdivisions. The International Stratigraphic Chart published at the 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, 2012 recognizes only 177 stratigraphic subdivisions. The stages managed by ISC are not restricted to the domains studied by the above mentioned scientific programmes; the subdivisions used in any country of the world were coded in the ISC.

As a matter of fact, many questions arise when you synthesize stratigraphic data.  The more frequent one is "which ICS current state does correspond to the subdivision cited in the paper I am reading?" The Stage Name sheet can help to find it out. Another one comes when you look at a map or a log with stratigraphic notations. "What time slice does these indices correspond to?"  The Stage Notation sheet will give you the answer.  If you have a numerical age result for i.e. a volcanic rock, the question becomes: "To which stage does this age correspond to?" The Numerical Age sheet is your tool.  Finally, if you work on kinematics or if yo have magnetostratigraphic data, the Which Chron sheet provides you with the equivalences with just a mouse click.

ISC proposes three others useful sheets:

GSSP sheet is a copy of the International Commission of Stratigraphy (ICS) table. The original is available at the ICS website. The one we propose was modified to include links between the latitude and longitude references of each GSSP and Google Map.

ICS charts sheet gathers the ICS charts issued since 2004. These charts published by ICS, a commission of IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences), can be found at ICS website.

Color Code sheet gives the CMYK and RVB codes for each stage. The codes were designed by the CGMW (Commission of the Geological Maps of the World) and accepted as a standard by the ICS for its own charts.

ISC is a product of the DARIUS Programme and was developed at the Institut des Sciences de Terre de Paris (ISTeP).  Click here to download

About the author

Bruno Vrielynck is a researcher geologist of the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS), specialized in paleogeography. He works at the Institute of Earth Sciences of Paris (ISTeP), a CNRS-University of Pierre and Marie Curie research unit, Paris France.
Contact :
Institut des Sciences de la Terre Paris
Equipe Evolution et Modélisation des Bassins Sédimentaires
UPMC Paris Universités
Case courrier 129
4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris cedex 05