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Tectonic Map of the Arctic (TeMAr) - PDF

1st ed., scale 1:10 000 000  (2018)
Dimensions: 116 x 84 cm

Authors: Manuel PUBELLIER, Philippe ROSSI, Oleg PETROV, Sergey SHOKALSKY, Marc ST-ONGE, Alexander KHANCHUK, Igor POSPELOV

© CGMW-VSEGEI 2018 Doi: 10.14683/2018TEMAR10M

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The map will be sent in a high resolution digitalised .pdf version through a download link.

Note : This map is subjected to an agreement license, available under the “Downloads” tab, that has to be signed and returned at the address before reception.

This map is also available for purchase in its paper version on our catalogue.

The Arctic is a critical region in terms of environment, tectonic, energy and mining resources. This new project under the head of the CCGM is built around an Earth / Sea tectonic map highlighting the link between the structures of the margins and the crustal nature (oceanic / continental stretched) of the Arctic basins. It is not only a tectonic map, but a more complete map including the structural and geophysical aspects of the CGMW Ocean maps (seafloors ages, magnetic anomaly peaks ...).

Map compilers : Oleg PETROV, Sergey SHOKALSKY, Igor POSPELOV, Sergey KASHUBIN, Andrey MOROZOV, Nikolay SOBOLEV, Evgeniy PETROV, Aleksandr BALUEV, Sergey SOKOLOV, Garrik GRIKUROV, Valery VERNIKOVSKY, Marc ST-ONGE, Christopher HARRISON, Richard ERNST, Pierpaolo GUARNIERI, Loic LABROUSSE, Nicolas LEMONNIER, Manuel PUBELLIER, Karsten PIEPJOHN, Morten SMELROR, Harald BREKKE, Jan FALEIDE, Michael STEPHENS, Thomas MOORE, Stephen BOX, Arthur GRANTZ, Randall ORNDORFF.

Contributors: Christoph GAEDICKE, Peter DAWES, Carmen GAINA, Laurent GERNIGON, Even GILLEBO, Arne SOLLI, Michail KOSKO, Victor PUCHKOV, Nikolay MALYSHEV, Eugenia MILSHTEIN, Aleksandr KHANCHUK, Lidia DARAGAN-SUSHCHOVA, Victor POSELOV, Mikhail SHISHKIN, Vasiliy PROSKURNIN, Mark VERBA, Yuri ERINCHEK, Denis LEONT`EV, Boris SENIN, Tamara LITVINOVA, Vladimir GLEBOVSKY, Pavel REKANT, Svetlana BOTSYUN, Tatiana SAKULINA, Aleksey ATAKOV, Andrey CHERNYKH, Amanda BAUMGARTNER