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Geological & Morpho-Tectonic Map of the Mediterranean Domain - PDF version

Scale: 1:4 000 000
Dimensions : 119 x 85 cm
© CGMW 2012
Authors: Jean Mascle and Georges Mascle

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This map is also available for purchase in paper version on our catalogue.

After the publication in April 2012 of a new Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean Sea at the 1:4,000,000, a second synthetic map of the Mediterranean domain at the same scale (1:4,000,000) was released in July 2012: a Geological and Morpho-Tectonic Map of the Mediterranean domain.

This synthesis has been constructed by J. Mascle, (DR CNRS emeritus, at Geoazur), for the marine domain, and G. Mascle (formerly Professor at Grenoble University), for the surrounding peri-Mediterranean geology, with the technical help of DT-Insu (program Mistrals).

This new map is aimed at showing the main geological/geophysical characteristics of the Mediterranean basin as they have been extracted and synthesized from many publications and unpublished data within a simplified surrounding geological framework.

Onshore, the geodynamic of the Mediterranean area being intimately related to the evolution of the Alpine realm, the different geological units have been assembled accordingly to their implications within the Alpine orogenic evolution.

Offshore, major characteristics and specificities of the submerged Mediterranean domain have been selected, such as the extension of the thick continental crust (up to 20km) and of the different oceanic crust-floored deep basins whose age have also been indicated. The various deep, and thick, Messinian basins have also been identified and mapped as well as their salt-induced deformations (diapirs or/and various gravity tectonics); mud volcano fields, which constitute one of the specificities of the Mediterranean Sea, are shown. The main active (or recently active) tectonic features, generated by the geodynamic context of the Mediterranean Sea, are also indicated. Finally, the location of earthquake epicentres (magnitude 4 up to 8), from 1974 to 2011, is indicated since the earthquakes underline one of the fundamental processes resulting from the Geodynamic of the Mediterranean Sea and the various plates and microplates boundaries.

Built under ArcGis, this map, which results from the superposition of more than 30 distinct layers, is the first ever published concerning the whole Mediterranean domain.

The notice and references are downloadable here