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Geological Map of Corsica and Sardinia - PDF

Scale: 1:500 000
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm
Coordinators: L. Carmignani, P. Rossi
Editorial coordination: P. Conti, A. Eltrudis; A. Funedda, S. Pasci
Contributions: G. P. Cherchi, P. Conti, L. Disperati, A. Eltrudis, J. Ferrandini, A. Funeddan, J.-C. Lahondère, M.-D. Loÿe - Pilot, S. Pasci, E. Sarria, C. Spano
Bilingual Italian/French edition.

© BRGM, Collectivité Territoriale de Corse

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The originality of this Corsican-Sardinian synthesis, as for classic geological maps, is to present the formations according to their chronology, but also according to the geodynamic context in which they were formed or in which we may observe them. The following outcomes were thus singled out:

1- for the Hercynian chain, the classic division into a) internal zone, b) water table zone and c) external zones and by connecting the magmatism to the post-collisional extension of the chain;

2- the indigenous coverage of the South-European continental margin;

3- the Balano-Ligurian and Liguro-Piedmontese oceanic domain with continental influence;

4- the collisional chain of Alpine Corsica, notably with the eclogitic belt;

5- the complexes (in relation with the Apennines) linked to the opening of the Liguro-Provençal basin, of the northern then southern Tyrrhenian sea.