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Atlas de l'eau dans le bassin méditerranéen

Mediterranean Basin Water Atlas
48 pages booklet
Publié par l'UNESCO, la CCGM  et le Plan Bleu en 2004
© UNESCO / CGMW 2004
Auteur : Jean Margat
Booklet in English. Also available for puchase in French under the reference R011

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Throughout the ages, water, one of the primordial elements of nature, has been a catalyst for civilization in the Mediterranean world. Today, it remains a factor of vital importance in development; however, certain Mediterranean basin regions are confronted by poverty and inequality resulting from the partition of natural water resources. 

This atlas shows in maps and figures, the extreme diversity of these resources, the specific needs of Mediterranean countries, and the impact of water usage on the environment. 

The Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) is an international NGO, created in 1881 for the promotion and publication of small-scale geoscience maps of subcontinents, continents, oceans as well as the entire Earth. This book is published in association with UNESCO's Division of Water Sciences. 

The Blue Plan, a body of the "Action Plan for the Mediterranean Area", aims to provide Mediterranean basin countries with useful information to enable the implementation of sustainable development. It promotes the publication of case studies on water-related situations and problems in Mediterranean countries, particularly concerning the issues of socio-economic development and the environment.