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International Geological Map of the Middle East - PDF

2009 second edition
Scale: 1:5 000 000
Compiled by: Abdolazim Haghipour, A. Saidi and A. Aganabati; with collaboration of A/ Moosavi, A. Mohebi, M. Sadeghi, T. Delavar, Sh. Eskandari, F. Bagheri and M. Zarei Nejad (Geological Survey of Iran)
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The CGMW project of International Geological Map of Middle East (IGMME) at 1:5 million scale was originally designed and carried out in a traditional manner under the coordination of former President of the CGMW subcommission for Middle East Dr. Abdolazim Haghipour. Geological maps and data related to the Middle East regions (continental and offshore), available or accessible up to the late 2005, were collected and consulted, including scientific communications related to the region. The legend includes onshore and offshore domains and is arranged according to the international chronostratigraphic scale. Lithological types and metamorphic facies are also indicated. This version (of 2009) is freely available on this site, and will be replaced soon with an updated map taking into account the recent knowledge and a bedrock topography using shaded relief. The projection adopted is the Lambert conformal conic, with central meridian at 51° East