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Metallogenic Map of South America

2nd edition published in 2005
4 sheets (supplied folded with Explanatory notes in Spanish/Portuguese/English
Size of each sheet: 89 x 66 cm
Published by the Geological and Mining Survey of Argentine (SEGEMAR)
Under the aegis of the CGMW and the Ibero-American Association of Geological and Mining Surveys (ASGMI)

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The second edition of the Metallogenic Map of South America was published in 2005 by the Geological and Mining Survey of Argentine, under the aegis of CGMW and the Ibero-American Association of Geological and Mining Surveys (ASGMI).  It covers an area of about 18 million km² and depicts the main characteristics (name, location, morphology, resources and grades, genesis, etc.) of 1500 metallic and industrial mineral deposits located in their tectonostratigraphic context. The map was based on the GIS of the Geological Map of South America (2001) the geological formations of which were reclassified and aggregated in order to define tectonogratigraphic and metallogenic units.

The classification of ore deposits are in compliance with the criteria established for recent international metallogenic maps. This map provides the most up-to-date view of the knowledge of the South American metallogeny and constitutes in this sense a scientific document and economic guidance of first importance.

This publication is accompanied by an explanatory text of in three languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English). The GIS generated by the work of compilation is displayed in the site of SEGEMAR. Its digital format and its availability in the web ensure an easy way to update the information and make it accessible to users.

This map is the result of a close cooperation between all South American countries the general coordination of which was ensured by Dr Eduardo O. Zappettini from SEGEMAR.

  • Length 178 cm
  • Width 132 cm
  • Weight 1.335 kg
  • Scale 1:5 000 000