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Physiographic Map of the World at 1:50 M

Third edition (2009)
Scale: 1:50 000 000
Main map in Mercator projection
Polar regions in polar stereographic projection
Size: 125,5 x 58 cm
Sheet 1: Physiography, volcanoes and astroblemes (centered on the Pacific Ocean)
Authors:  Jacques Ségoufin & Philippe Bouysse

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The Physiography, volcanoes, astroblemes Map displays a complete image of the Earth's reliefs (including the ocean floor) with distribution of 1507 active volcanoes and 198 meteoritic impact craters (sorted in 2 categories of diameters), including a legend and some remarquable features of the planet's morphology. 

The spread sheet with details of the 1507 active volcanoes figured in the map is downloadable clicking here.

The spread sheet with the references of the 198 astroblemes represented in the map is downloadable here.

  • Length 58 cm
  • Width 125 cm
  • Weight 0.130 kg
  • Scale 1:50 000 000