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International Geological Map of Africa - set of 6 sheets

Third edition issued between 1985 and 1990
Scale 1:5 000 000
6 sheets of which one (No. 4) is the General Legend Bilingual: English/French
Size of each sheet: 94 cm x 92 cm(except for No. 4, the legend: 94 cm x 72 cm)

A CGMW / UNESCO co-publication, with the financial support of BRGM

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The compilation of this map was carried out by the CGMW Subcommission for Africa under the General Co-ordination of Georges Choubert and Anne Faure-Muret. This third edition comprises a detailed legend - for this scale of the onshore formations. The offshore surrounding areas are mapped with bathymetry, magnetic anomalies and age of the oceanic crust, fracture zones, thickness of the overlying sedimentary cover, earthquake epicentres and location of DSDP boreholes.

Each of the 5 geological sheets comprises its own legend. The assembled 6 sheets of this map constitute an interesting document, and a valuable tool for both research and teaching purposes.

High resolution scans in tiff, pdf and jpg formats are proposed in this catalog.

Key map:
Sheet 1: West Africa 
Sheet 2: Central Africa
Sheet 3: East Africa & Arabia
Sheet 4: Legend
Sheet 5: South and South-west Africa
Sheet 6: South-east Africa and Madagascar

  • Length 94 cm
  • Width 92 cm
  • Weight 0.102 kg
  • Scale 1/5 000 000