Atlas géologique du Monde – PDF


High resolution pdf scans of the original maps published between 1974 and 1984
1:10,000,000 scale for continents, smaller scales for oceans
17 sheets of continental geology, 5 sheets of ocean geology (Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Antarctic, and Arctic) and 1 general legend
Bilingual: English/French
Notes for each card
UNESCO-CCGM 1976 ISBN 92-3-099916-4

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Scanned version in high resolution .pdf format, sent by download link.

Note : Cet atlas est soumis à un contrat de licence, téléchargeable sous l’onglet “Download” de cette page, qui devra être signé et renvoyé à l’adresse  in order to receive the documents.

The Geological Atlas of the World is the only one ever published on this scale in printed format, presenting a synthesis of the geology of the continents and oceans. This exceptional publication is the result of a cooperative effort involving geologists from all continents during the 20 years of its preparation and publication, from 1964 to 1984. At the time of its publication, the 22 maps that make up the book presented a fairly detailed synthesis of the geology of our planet. Out of print since 2004, high-resolution scans in pdf format are available to enthusiasts of the history of science and geological maps.

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