Atlas of water in the Mediterranean basin (French version)


Atlas of Water in the Mediterranean Basin
48-page booklet
Published by UNESCO, the CCMG and Plan Bleu in 2004
Author: Jean Margat

French version of the booklet. Also available in English.

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Atlas of Water in the Mediterranean Basin

Water was the precious ferment for the development of great civilisations in the Mediterranean basin in ancient times. Today, it remains a key factor in development*, but some regions along the Mediterranean are facing shortages and unequal distribution of natural water resources.

This atlas shows in cartographic images and key figures the extreme diversity of these resources, the specific needs of the Mediterranean people and the impact of water exploitation, sometimes abusive, on the environment.

The Commission of the Geological Map of the World (CGMW), a non-governmental scientific and educational organization founded in 1881, has the mission of producing international synthesis maps of the earth sciences, continents, regions of the globe and oceans. UNESCO's Division of Water Sciences is associated with the publication of this book.

Le Plan Bleu, Centre d’action régionale du Plan d’Action pour la Méditerranée, vise à fournir aux pays riverains de la Méditerranée des informations utiles pour la mise en oeuvre d’un développement durable.

Il publie des synthèses et anime des réflexions et échanges d’expériences sur des thèmes prioritaires concernant les relations passées et futures entre les populations méditerranéennes, leur développement socio-économique et l’environnement.

Atlas of Water in the Mediterranean Basin

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