Geological Map of South America-2005


Geological Map of South America-2005

2nd edition
Scale: 1:5 000 000
Co-publication CCGM-CPRM Geological Survey of Brazil-DNPM (2000)
Reprinted at a scale of 1:5000 (2005)
Map size: 153 x 108 cm (1 sheet)

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Geological Map of South America-2005

Third edition replacing the previous one published in 1967.

This geological map was produced under the general coordination of the geological surveys of Brazil and Venezuela, in close collaboration with all the other geological surveys of the South American continent.
The legend, which is trilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese), also includes a scale of tectonic phases and an indication of the degrees of metamorphism.

This paper shows the striking contrast between the Guyanese-Brazilian Precambrian shields, the huge Andean liminal chain that borders the continent on its entire western side, and the vast sedimentary basins that separate these two units.

The map currently on sale is the reprint made in France in April 2005 at a scale of 1:5,500,000.


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