Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean


Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean

Scale 1:4,000,000
Total surface area: 119 x 85 cm
CCMG © 2012
Authors: Laëtitia Brosolo, Jean Mascle, Benoît Loubrieu

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Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean

This synthesis provides a global picture of the morphology of the Mediterranean domain and its continental environment, from the Gulf of Cadiz to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

This map follows a previous morpho-bathymetric synthesis of the Mediterranean published jointly in 2008 by CIESM and IFREMER. For the elaboration of this new document, the 500m DTM, extracted from multibeam bathymetric data, has been completed by :

(1) Unpublished data from various sources including IFREMER, SHOM, GEOAZUR laboratory, OGS-Trieste, ISMAR-Bologna, CMCR-Hamburg, and locally (Nile Delta platform) by first arrivals of 3D seismic of oil origin
(2) A bathymetric compilation of the Gulf of Cadiz published by Zitellini, Gracia, et al;
(3) Some additional data from the web portal of the European EMODNET project;
(4) In the Black Sea, multibeam bathymetric data from the East European Craton (EEC) Assemblages project.

Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean

The 500 m DTM was combined with a 1500 m DTM from the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) Atlas to illustrate the morphology of the entire Mediterranean. A 90 m DTM, extracted from SRTM 33'' (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, NASA) provides the topography of the surrounding continental domains.
This document offers an image where the continental relief (in shades of grey) contrasts perfectly with the morphological shape of the Mediterranean, which is reproduced in an appropriate range of colours. This map is completed by a Geological and Morpho-tectonic Map of the Mediterranean Area, at the same scale (Authors: Jean Mascle and Georges Mascle).

Morpho-Bathymetric Map of the Mediterranean

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