Geological maps pack World + France


Geological maps pack World + France

Pack geological map of the world + geological map of France

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Geological maps pack World + France

  • Geological map of the world at a scale of 1:35,000,000
3ème revised edition (2014)
Scale: 1/35 000 000
Main map projection: Mercator
Circum-polar area projection: polar stereographic
Dimensions: 118 x 98 cm, 1 sheet
Geology, structure (Atlantic-centric)
Author: Philippe Bouysse (CCMG) et al.
Card printed on laminated paper
  • Geological map of France to the millionth scale

6ème revised edition (2003)

Scale: 1:1 000 000

Projection: Lambert II extended

Geodetic system: NTF (New French Triangulation)

Ellipsoid: Clarke 1880 IGN

Dimensions: 118 x 124 cm

Authors: Jean Chantraine, Albert Autran, Claude Cavelier et al.

Geological maps pack World + France



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