Structural map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF


Structural map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF

Equatorial scale: 1:20,000,000
Published in July 2012
1 sheet: 119 x 84 cm

Author : Peter S. Miles (CCGM)
Co-authors: Philippe Bouysse (CCGM) and Kaiser de Souza (CPRM, Brazil)


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Structural map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF

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This map, covering the entire Atlantic Ocean, is being published for the 34th International Geological Congress (Brisbane, August 2012) and is an extension of the North Atlantic Structural Map (2008), which it replaces. It synthesises geological interpretations and geophysical data, spanning several decades, compiled from sea campaigns and the resulting publications.

Structural map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF

The main, structural map shows the ocean and the surrounding continents with their simplified structural features. The following elements are represented in the oceanic domain:

- Age of oceanic crust, by epoch
- Positions of standard magnetic anomalies (or "chrone"), where they have been measured or interpreted
- Active and fossil oceanic expansion axes
- Transform faults and fracture zones
- Abnormal" submarine features and subduction zones
- Sequences of oceanic sloping reflectors (SDRs)
- Earthquake epicentre and depth of focus
- Hot spots
- Deep ocean drilling sites (DSDP, IPOD, ODP, IODP) where bedrock or transitional crust has been reached
- Thickness of sediments, with isopaques drawn on oceanic crust or on areas of thinned continental crust
- Oceanic crustal deformation zones
- Representation of continental geological features linked to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean

The Structural Map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF is accompanied by a Geodynamic Sketch (inset in the map and downloadable by clicking on here) and a Physiographic Map (inserted in the centre explanatory notes which can be downloaded by clicking here). These two documents show the layout of the lithospheric plates that cover or enclose the Atlantic area, the morphology of the whole, and the place names of a number of underwater structures mentioned in the text.

The Structural Map of the Atlantic Ocean-PDF received financial support from UNESCO, the Norwegian Geological Survey (2008) and IFREMER (France).

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