Visages des Alpes-PDF (French version)


Faces of the Alps-PDF: structure and geodynamic evolution
Book of 48 pages with 58 maps and sections.
French version currently only available in pdf format
Authors: P. Agard & M. Lemoine (Lab. de Tectonique de l'Université Paris VI)

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Visages des Alpes-PDF (French version)

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This brochure has been compiled mainly because of the topicality of the subject and the lack of recent treaties.

Indeed, the geology of the Alpine chain is now closely linked to the new Terminale S syllabus in French high schools. In addition, the structure and evolution of the Alps is often used as an example of a collision chain in university curricula, even if the Alps are a long way from France - especially as the western part of the Alps is easily accessible and partly in French territory, so students and researchers can do fieldwork there.

The aim here is to provide secondary school teachers, as well as university teachers and students, with a concise text accompanied by as many illustrations as possible, summarising the essentials of the most studied mountain range in the world.

While the Central and Eastern Alps are briefly dealt with (in order to highlight the lateral variations that exist within the chain in terms of palaeogeography, tectonics and metamorphism), the emphasis has been placed on the Franco-Italian Western Alps, which are of particular interest to the readership for whom this book is intended: their structure and genesis from an ocean are therefore specially detailed and illustrated.

Visages des Alpes-PDF (French version)

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