Faces of the African continent (French version)


Faces of the African continent. Elements of African geology
48 pages + CD ROM
©CCGM 2009
O. Dauteuil, J. Bouffette (Geosciences Rennes, University of Rennes 1)
F. Toteu (CRGM, Garoua, Cameroon)

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Faces of the African continent

This booklet brings together recent scientific papers from the work of numerous researchers and doctoral students. They have been elaborated in the framework of national and international scientific programmes which are initially intended for specialists.

The text and comments have been written to be as educational as possible. The aim is to present a non-exhaustive state of knowledge on the geology of the African continent, which is an excellent object for studying the very ancient and even early history of our planet.

Africa's diversity of educational objects also offers teachers some relevant illustrations of the main educational processes. The book is divided into two parts: the first part provides a simple summary of the data available on the African continent, and the second part deals with some examples of particularly remarkable geological objects.

Table of contents:
I. Geological synthesis: Topography, present climates, past climates, major lithological units, sedimentary basins, margins, plinths, Proterozoic plinths, volcanism, deep structure, lithospheric structure, present deformation, natural resources, formation of the supercontinent Rodinia (1100 Ma), from Rodinia to Pangea, and from the supercontinent Pangea to present Africa.
II. Some remarkable geological objects: East African Rift, Bushveld magmatic complex (South Africa), geology of the Maghreb, Archean in South Africa (3800 Ma - 2500 Ma): volcanic flows and first traces of life, Cameroon line, Africa the cradle of mankind

With the collaboration of:
D. Frizon de Lamotte, F. Guillocheau, E. Harris, M. Jessell, R.B. Mapeo, A. Michard, J.P. Milesi, F. Moreau, D. Néraudeau, M. Poujol, C. Robin, D. Rouby, J.-J. Tiercelin, F. Deschamps, M. Leroy, F. Mvondo, E. Njonfang and N. Rollan

Faces of the African continent

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