The Underwater Face of the Earth (French version)


The underwater face of the Earth. Elements of ocean geodynamics
29.7 x 21 cm - 49 pages + 1 CD-ROM
Design and coordination: Yves Lagabrielle, CNRS, Montpellier
Production: Sylvie Leroy, CNRS, Paris
CCMG, 2005
Published with the support of the CNRS

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The Underwater Face of the Earth

This book illustrates the major plate tectonic processes that shape our oceans:

  • Accretion and subduction of the oceanic lithosphere
  • Arc collision
  • Transforming faults
  • Rifting
  • Creating passive margins

Its aim is to provide secondary school teachers, researchers and teacher-researchers, as well as students studying for bachelor's or master's degrees or preparing for the French national education entrance examinations, with a set of recent documents that are essential for teaching global geodynamics.

This booklet brings together a collection of maps, cross-sections, photos and 3D blocks relating to the ocean floor, taken from recent surveys carried out by mainly French teams around the world. Each theme is covered on two pages, richly illustrated in colour and accompanied by a concise explanatory text.

The Underwater Face of the Earth

All the illustrations are included on a CD-ROM supplied with the booklet.

Authors :
Yves Lagabrielle (CNRS Montpellier)
Serge Lallemand (CNRS Montpellier)
Pascal Gente (CNRS Brest)
Sylvie Leroy (CNRS Paris)
Jean-Yves Collot (IRD Villefranche/Mer)

With scientific contributions from :
Serge Berné (Ifremer Brest)
Marie-Hélène Cormier (Lamont WD, USA)
Christèle Guivel (University of Nant'es)
Johanna Lofi (University of Perpignan)
Jacques Malavieille (CNRS Montpellier)
Jean Mascle (CNRS Géosciences Azur)
Jean-Pierre Réhault (University of Brest)
Etienne Ruellan (CNRS Géosciences Azur)
Jean-Yves Royer (CNRS Brest)
Michel Séranne (CNRS Montpellier)
Isabelle Thinon (BRGM Orléans)

The Underwater Face of the Earth

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