Indian Ocean Pack


Indian Ocean Pack
Pack containing folded formats :
  • Structural Map of the Indian Ocean and Physiographic Map of the Indian Ocean (10,50€ only)
  • Booklet The Indian Ocean and its Margins (27€ only)
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Indian Ocean Pack

  • Maps of the Indian Ocean
Sheet 1: Physiography Sheet 2: Structure
Published in August 2004 at the original scale of 1:20 000 000
Reprinted at 1:40,000,000 scale in 2013
Sheet size: 59.4 cm x 42 78 cm each
Financial support: UNESCO and IPEV (Institut Paul Emile Victor)
Authors: J. Ségoufin, M. Munschy, Ph. Bouysse and V. Mendel, et al.
  • Booklet The Indian Ocean and its Margins
The Indian Ocean and its Margins
60 pages
Published in July 2020
In English only
Coordination: Mathieu Rodriguez & Manuel Pubellier
Editors: Philippe Rossi, Camille François & Peter Miles

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