International Tectonic Map of Europe-PDF


International Tectonic Map of Europe-PDF

Scale 1:5,000,000
3rd edition, 1996
5 sheets (1996/1998): 4 maps + 1 legend.
Co-publication CCMG-UNESCO-Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
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International Tectonic Map of Europe-PDF

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This map has been prepared by the CGMW Sub-Commission for Tectonic Maps under the general coordination of Profs. Acads. V. E. Khain and Yu. Leonov of the Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A large number of European specialists have made scientific contributions to this map.

The result of this remarkable work reflects the tectonic evolution of continental regions, from the Archean complexes to the Alpine orogenic belts, via the structures of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean oceanic regions (continental margins, oceanic crust, volcanic plateaus, etc.).
An insert showing the bases of the Eastern and Western European platforms at a scale of 1:10 000 000 is included in the legend sheet.

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International Tectonic Map of Europe-PDF

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